What is cash back?

Cash back is a part of money spent on purchases that the store gives back to the customer.

How does it work?

You purchase an item at the online store and Megabonus cash back service gives back up to 40% of the cost to your personal account balance.  

To have your cash back credited, you need to:

1.    Sign up to Megabonus and install the extension or mobile application

2.    Learn our recommendations

3.    Select a store, learn its terms and activate cash back

4.    Make an order and pay for it.

How much can I get back from my purchases?

Every store sets its own cash back rates. The rate also depends on the category of the item and your level in Loyalty program.

To know how much you will get, find your store and click «Learn more».

You can find all the categories and cash back rates in the store’s card.

Cash back on AliExpress can be counted automatically.

How do I increase my cash back?

Your level in Loyalty program depends on how much you saved. You reach new level automatically as soon as you have the necessary amount of confirmed cash back.

Your level doesn’t decrease even if you withdraw all your cash back.

We often share promo codes on social networks. Those promo codes can increase your level for a certain period or a certain number of purchases. Participate in our contests  and check the updates to get the promo codes.

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How do I use my cash back?

You can withdraw your cash back as soon as you save at least $1.5. You can learn more about payout options on this page.

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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