How do I increase my cash back?

The topics covered in the article:

  • What is the Loyalty program?
  • How do I know my level?
  • How to reach higher Loyalty program levels fast? 
  • Is there any cash back accrual limits? 

What is the Loyalty program?

The Loyalty program is the program in which the more cash back you get the larger your cash back rate becomes.

The program includes all signed up users and has 7 stages.

The level changes automatically, when the required amount of cash back becomes approved. The new level allows to receive larger cash back percentages in comparison to previous one.

The acquired cash back amount stays the same, when you request payouts.

Cash back rate increases when you save up the current sum:

Level Achievement conditions Increase in the cash back percent
Newbie the beginner level -
Mathematician $1 +7%
Tradesman $2 +14%
Economist $5 +22%
Shopaholic $21 +31%
Treasurer $144 +40%
Master of Coin $2584 +50%

⚠️The user, who signed up through the invitation link, gets +2 levels for a week as a welcome gift. When the week ends, the level returns back.

How do I know my level?

You can always find the information about your current level and progress to the next stage in your personal account. Click the userpic in the top right corner to see it.

You can check the achievements in the mobile app or the browser extension by clicking the personal account icon in the lower bar:

To see the more detailed information, tap the part which shows your current level. 

How to reach higher Loyalty program levels fast?

You can do this by accumulating cash back and progressing to the next level.

To do so, use all of the available methods:

  • Share cash back links and get the income from the users, which were not registered before.
  • Submit products reviews and share it with others.
  • Invite your friends to the Megabonus service.

Also, there are some methods to gain higher cash back rate from the start:

Is there any cash back accrual limits?

Cash back amount limits exist only for one store – AliExpress. The maximal sum depends on your level in the Loyalty program:                              

Level                                                                                  Maximum cash back amount
Newbie                                                                                              $ 22.33
Mathematician                                                                                  $ 23.86
Tradesman                                                                                        $ 25.42
Economist                                                                                         $ 27.24
Shopaholic                                                                                        $ 29.26
Treasurer                                                                                          $ 31.26
Master of Coin                                                                                  $ 33.50

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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