Why was my payout declined?

You can see the full information about your payouts in Payout History section by clicking the question mark in front of the declined transaction.

Here are the most common difficulties you can face and how to avoid them:

  • For bank card withdrawals check if you're using a blocked or expired card.
  • For WebMoney (WMZ, WMR) check if you're inputting your wallet number and not your WMID. Verify your wallet number (contact WM support if needed).
  • For QIWI check if your phone number is +7 (for Russia) and if it's indeed registered in Visa QIWI wallet. Please note that QIWI does not support Belarus numbers!
  • For Yandex Money check the number of the wallet, it might not be active in YM system.
  • For mobile phone, withdrawals check if you are using a supported phone company (for example YOTA is not supported).
  • For PayPal check if you're using a correct email (registered in PayPal) and make sure your account is unblocked. PayPal can decline a payout if you don't have a bank card linked (or if the bank card is expired).

Possible decline reasons:

"Incorrect details." - there could be a mistake in your details; please check again.

"Transaction declined by payment aggregator." - the details (payment information) you use is not supported or doesn't exist.

"Payout declined of Russia." - the selected account number is available only in Russia.

"Technical error on payment aggregators side." - payouts are temporarily suspended.

"Payout can't be processed." - please check for an error in details, or the number of the account does not exist.

"Wallet number is not registered in the payment system." - the selected account number does not exist in the payment system.

"The access to payment transactions is blocked." - grant access the access in your account settings.

"Payout declined by the issuing bank." - please contact your bank for more information.

"The payment limit is exceeded." - you've reached your top up limits. Please wait for your limits to reset to 0.

"Unsupported phone operator." - we support MTS, Beeline, TELE2, and MegaFon.

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