What is "Invite a friend" referral program?

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What is "Invite a friend" referral program and how does it work?

A referral program is for the users who'd like to recommend Megabonusto their friends and get paid for it.

Like other ways of additional income, it helps you accumulate cash back and move up in the loyalty program. Therefore, income from friends will be displayed in the "My cash back" section, marked "From a friend".

Each Megabonus user can participate in the program and invite friends to the service. To do this, you just need to share your link through a private message or post it as a pinned message in a channel, public, social networks.

You can read the User Agreement in more detail here, and read the instructions here.

The program benefits both parties. After registering using the link, a friend will start receiving cash back for purchases on the Internet. The one who invited him will receive additional income up to 50% of the friend's cash back.

There is also a gift for all invited friends: +2 levels in the loyalty program for a week. 

What amount of income will I receive?

The amount of remuneration depends on the level of the friend in the "Loyalty Program" and is reflected in the table:

Friend's level in Megabonus Loyalty program Income from friend
Newbie 50%
Mathematician 40%
Merchant 31%
Economist 22%
Shopaholic 14%
Treasurer 7%

Example. The referred friend is at the "Newbie" level and received $1 of cash back. In this situation, the person who brought him in will receive $0.5.

Will I always receive income?

Income is only earned from personal purchases made by a friend, for which the friend has received a cash back from the shop. So if:
  • A friend is credited with compensation for the order from Megabonus, there will be no income under the “Invite a friend” program from such an accrual.
  • A friend has been awarded a gift from Megabonus, there will be no income under the “Invite a friend” program from such an accrual.
  • A friend has received an accrual for reviews, a cash back link, “Invite a friend” program - the referral will not have a bonus for their income.
  • A friend is credited with a basic and increased cash back, income will only be credited on the amount of the basic cash back.

Income is accrued until the referred friend reaches the “Master over the Coin” level or half a year has passed since his registration.

⚠️ From 16 April 2019, a special rule applies to users who bring more than 100 friends:
The first 100 friends will still only bring an income for six months. Income is reduced depending on the referred friend's level in Megabonus Loyalty Program and is 0 at the “Master over the Coin” level.
Starting from 101 friends the half-year limitation is removed, and the income depends only on the referred friend's level in Megabonus Loyalty Program.
About how to invite friends you can find more details in the article.

Additional terms apply in the mobile application. This is due to the gradual introduction of the program to mobile devices:

1.If a friend was registered before October 18, 2018 and makes purchases from a mobile device, they will receive cash back. The referrer will be left without income for the purchase.

2.In the Android and iOS app, you can copy the link and share it with a friend so that they also register via a mobile device. In this case, the friend will be assigned to the link owner.

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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