How do I change payout method?

To edit your payment details open Megabonus mobile app, please follow our recommendations:

1) Open Megabonus App on your device.

2) Click «Account».

3) Select "Withdraw cash back".

4) Select "Manage withdrawal methods."

5) Choose the withdrawal method.

6) Click "Edit payment details" in the lower part of the screen.

7) Confirm the changes in the letter we send to your email address.  Click "Apply" to confirm the changes in the letter.

Once you filled in and confirmed your payment details, we send a notification, following up a successful addition of your information.

Click on the bell sign in the upper right corner of your Account.

8) Now you can withdraw the amount (the minimal amount is necessary) from the section "Where do you want to withdraw cash back?".

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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