How do I always get my cash back?

Follow our seven tips and get your cash back each time. 

  1. Turn off all third-party extensions and ad-blockers. Some extensions or anti-viruses can intercept the cashback links, and your link is lost. We can't credit cash back in cases like this. 
  2. Pay for your purchases within a 2-hour session. Cashback links have a short "lifespan." Once you exceed the 2-hour limit, the link "dies." 
  3. Don't use (or empty) the cart before making your purchase. When you put the items in the cart first, you lose your cash back. 
  4. Use one device to purchase. If you buy something on your laptop and use a phone to pay for the order, the cashback isn't credited. It works the same way around. 
  5. Do not follow third-party advertisements. It's best to order on the very first page opened after you activated cashback. 
  6. Place an order as a private person. Cashback for statutory bodies (companies, organizations) may not be credited. 
  7. Make sure your payment gets through before closing the page with the order.
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