How do I always get my cash back?

    What to do to get cash back:

  1. Check the terms and conditions of the store
  2. Follow our recommendations
  3. Remember about  AliExpress Affiliate Program

Check the terms and conditions of the store

After selecting the desired store, a page opens where you can view its specific conditions.

You can see them in your personal account or in the app, right under the categories. In your personal account, they will be to the right of the activation button, and in the app - just below it.

Follow our recommendations.

We would suggest reading our recommendations before purchasing. Following these rules are extremely important for your credited cash back. They are available down below the terms right after choosing the store, and you can click on the arrow to see them. 

Down below we prepared a list and added some points for the successful activation and credited cash back, so please check them out.

Before cash back activation.

We recommend two-click shopping in a separate browser with only our extension installed. However, we understand that it is impossible to do. So just please follow this set of rules that will help you prepare before purchasing:

●  We recommend installing the extension before making purchases. If activation fails, information about this will appear only if the extension is installed.

●  Turn off all third-party extensions and ad-blockers. Some extensions or anti-viruses can intercept the cashback links, and your link is lost. We can't credit cashback in cases like this.

●  Clear the cache and cookies in your browser regularly before activating the cashback. This will avoid the situation of “rewriting” the link for the accrual of cashback.

●  Avoid clicking on advertising and information banners of third-party services, links on social networks or on sites after activating cashback. Otherwise, it may damage the link for earning cashback. We also recommend you place an order in the same tab on the store's website that opened after switching from Megabonus.

Cash back activation.

Always remember about the cash back activation! This is the most important thing you need to do. You will not forget about the cash back activation with our Megabonus extension installed. Also you can install the vidget for your mobile app for quick activation.

●  Empty the "Basket" before activating cashback. Cashback is not credited to the goods or orders placed in the “Basket” that were previously formed before going to the store's website from “Megabonus”.

●  Activate cashback before each new order. This contributes to the successful accrual of cashback.

Complete the purchase with an activated cash back.

Always remember that the process of cash back activation should not be interrupted. Any unnecessary click could be potential threat for your cash back:

●   Make a purchase in the same tap that opened after cash back activation. It is extremely important to do on your mobile device because you go to the exact internal browser. The only exceptions are AliExpress and Yandex.Market: their own apps will also open after cash back activation.

●  Pay for your purchases within a 2-hour session. Cashback links have a short "lifespan." Once you exceed the 2-hour limit, the link "dies."

●   Make a purchase when your Internet connection is stable. If your Internet connection fails, the cash back activation session will be over.

●  Use one device to place orders. If the order was placed in a browser, but paid from a mobile device, or vice versa, the link to accrue cashback will be damaged.

●  Use only "Megabonus" promo codes. This will also avoid overwriting the link and intercepting the cashback.

●  Make sure your payment gets through before closing the page with the order.

Remember about  AliExpress Affiliate Program

On the AliExpress marketplace, products are divided into two groups: affiliate and non-affiliate.

To get cash back, you need to choose affiliate ones. These are the goods for which the cash back service receives a commission from the seller. In this case, the seller himself sets the size of the commission.

The situation with unaffiliated goods differs from country to country, but the conditions of getting a cash back are less tempting. 

A list of exceptions is common for users in any country. These are the stores for which no cash back will be credited.The list of stores is changing all the time and available at the link.

However, sometimes there are other goods in stores for which users from other countries do not get cash back. There is no way to identify these goods in advance.

Information for Russian users: there are local unaffiliated stores where the goods are delivered from a warehouse located in Russia. Such stores are listed on AliExpress along with Chinese stores.

Cash back for their goods appears in "My Cash Back" with a big delay — up to 90 days after an order confirmation on AliExpress.

If you open a dispute or request a refund on such an order, the information about the cash back will not appear in "My Cash Back" at all.

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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