What is a promo code?


  1. What kinds of promo codes are there?
  2. How can I get a promo code?
  3. How do I activate promo code?
  4. Where can I find the information about expiration date?

A promo code is a certain combination of characters allowing to get a nice bonus from the service.

What kinds of promo codes are there?

There are two types of promo codes on our site:

  • Increasing the cash back rate. Such promo codes can have the expiration date as well as the limits by the number of the purchases.
  • Crediting $1. No limits for the withdrawal of mentioned amount are set.

*NB! You can use the promo code only once.

How can I get a promo code?

We offer several ways of getting a promo code to our users:

  • Subscribe to the advertisements in our social networks, take part in the promotions and sales:  

    Vkontakte                             Odnoklassniki                                 Facebook
  • Check our emails. You can find digest of interesting goods, useful tips, sales and promotions as well as promo codes for increased cash back.  
  • Look for Megabonus videos on Youtube. If you found a promo code on a Youtube-channel, then the number of activations may be limited. Usually you will find this information in the video or in the comments below.

How do I activate promo code?

To activate promo code:

1.       Copy the promo code.
2.       Log in to your account or sign up on the "Megabonus" website.
3.      On the top left of the page, locate the three stripes icon and just click on it. It will open the side menu(1).
4.       From the opened list select "Activate promocode"(2).
5.       Enter the promocode in the window that appears and then confirm with the yellow "Activate promocode" button.

Where can I find the information about expiration date?

You will see this information as soon as you activate the promo code. If you need to check the date, do the following:

1.       Log in to your personal account on Megabonus website

2.       In the top left corner click the level in the loyalty program. It is next to your userpic.  

3.       You can find the information about your bonus at the bottom of the loyalty program:

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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