How do I track the shipment in a mobile App?

How do I find a tracking number?

A tracking number is essential for locating your parcel and keeping tabs on the delivery progress at all times.

Your tracking number is either provided by the store in the order confirmation email or your store's account.

AliExpressis by far, the most popular store and we'd like to use it as an example in this article on how to find and use a tracking number:

1. Enter your Login and password to access Aliexpress account.

2. Go to "My orders" and find the order you'd like to track

3. There's an option to see your shipments progress, once the parcel has been sent. Click "Track Order" and see full details of tracking on AliExpress or copy the tracking number in the lower part of the screen

4.You can also hover over the "Track Order" button and copy the number from the tooltip.

How do I track the order in a mobile App?

Please follow the tips to track your order in Megabonus mobile application.

1. Tap the "Account" icon.

2. Select "Track the shipment."

3. Choose the order from the list, if you tracked it before.

If this is your first tracking attempt, select "Track a new package."

Enter your tracking number in the first field and name the package to navigate through your shipments faster.

4. Check the number and the name and tap "Save."

5. Track your shipment's progress any time! In case you make a mistake while entering the number, a notification pops up and lets you know about the error immediately.

How do I change the name or delete a tracking number?

1. Tap the "Account" icon.

2.  Select "Track the shipment" icon and choose the number you need.

3. Select the action by swiping from right to left.

You can:

1) Delete the tracking number.

2) Rename the shipment.

3) Update the tracking information.

Select the action and tap "Save."

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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