How do I change my email address/login in Megabonus app?

It's important to have access to your current login to be able to change your login information. Your current email is used to send a confirmation letter to and to complete the procedure.

This is done for security reasons, this way you still have access to your account if your account is hacked.

We realize that in some cases, a user's login, may be blocked or deleted, the address could be in the blacklist, or there are simply some technical issues.

Let's see how we can manage two possible scenarios.

If you have access to your login, follow the tips:

1. Click "Account" in the lower right corner.

2. Go to "Settings" by clicking the gear wheel symbol in the upper right corner.

3.  Click on "Change email."

4. Write a new email in the suggested window.

*Please remember, this email should be active, as all the details and letters are coming to this address once you confirm the change.

5. Press the yellow button "Change email" in the lower part of the screen.

If everything is done correctly, a notification appears.

6. Open a letter from Megabonus and confirm the change by clicking "Apply."

If you don't see a letter, please check if your email in “Settings” is written correctly and check your “Spam” folder.

Contact support if you still have not found the letter.

If you don't have access to your login, please follow the tips:

1. Go to your AliExpress account (you can choose any other store you purchased in).

2. Copy the order numbers that you received cashback for.

3. Contact Customer Support about it and ask a support manager to find your account in Megabonus. Please provide the order numbers.

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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