How do I create cash back link on Megabonus browser extension?

"Create cash back link" feature allows creating the link you can share with friends and get cash back for their purchases.

Cash back is credited for any item that was bought within 2 hours after following the cash back link even if it was not the item you recommended.

You can create cash back link on browser extension as follows:

1. Open the page with the item you would like to share with friends.

2. Click the icon of Megabonus extension:

           3. Go to “Stores”.

          4. Click “Create a cash back link”.

5. In the field “Cash back link” click the icon “Copy”.

         6. Share the link with a friend and if he makes a purchase you will get cash back.

NB! Cash back for friend’s purchase is credited according to your current cash back rate in Megabonus loyalty program.

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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