How do I track the shipment on Megabonus website?

Usually all online stores give the tracking numbers to track the orders with international shipping.

Tracking code (tracking number) is a unique Mailer ID that allows tracking the shipment and determining its location.

You can know your parcel’s location on the page “Shipment tracking” on your Megabonus personal account.  

To track the parcel:

1. Enter the tracking number of your shipment in the corresponding field.

2. Click the "Track" button. Select the postal service if necessary.

The history of tracking is synchronized and saved on your Megabonus personal account on all devices and you can always check the current status of the shipment without having to enter the tracking number again.

You can also add the name of the parcel to make the tracking of different orders more convenient.

To do it select the tracking number you are interested in and click the cogwheel to the right from the number.

Above the tracking number you will see the field where you can type the name of the parcel. Click the tick if you want to save the changes and the cross to cancel the changes.

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