How do I publish my review on the website?

How do I add a review?

*The easiest way to add a review is to press the button in the bottom right corner: you can find it on every page of Megabonus Reviews website.

There is also another way - for those who publish their first review. It helps to learn more about this website. It is described in detail below:

  1. In your Megabonus personal account click on the arrow near your username in the top right corner. You'll see the dropdown list of categories.
  2. Choose "My Reviews".

3. Click on Megabonus logo in the top left corner.

4. Use "Tell about the product" button - it is placed above "Popular tags".

5. To publish your review, you need to fill in 4 fields:

  • It is better to start with the cover. The brighter and nicer the cover is, the more interest it attracts.
  • Then choose a category of your review. Selected name will be highlighted.

  • Specify the title.
  • Describe the product and add the link to this product. Press “Enter” to copy the name from the website of the store.

6. All changes are automatically saved so you can get back to your review at any time. You can always finish your review when you have time. Just go to "My Reviews" section and click "Drafts".

7. Click "Publish" button at the top of the page when the review is ready. The button will turn yellow.

If the button isn’t active, press “Question” icon below the "Publish" button. It will activate a hint.

You will see the missed steps marked with the grey ticks.

8. To the left of "Publish" button, there is a "Preview" button. By pressing it you can see what your article looks like for the readers.

9. The review will be immediately available for users, however, it will be checked by the moderators later.

Why can Reviews be rejected?

Review goes through several stages - first it is published by the author and then it is checked by the moderators.

Second stage applies to everyone. It is prohibited to post reviews containing information prohibited by the Legislation of the Russian Federation including:

  1. pedophilia (including naked children)
  2. extremism and terrorism
  3. calls for violation of legislation
  4. calls for riots and disobedience to government bodies
  5. suicide
  6. drug propaganda
  7. nazism.

How do I arrange my Review?

  • The title must contain the name of the item.
  • Your article should include pros and cons of the item or service, you personal feelings about it, your interaction with the seller. Use tags, links, images and videos to provide an easier access to your review.
  • You can highlight the important information with the font. You can change it into italic or bold. You can also edit the title.
  • To edit the text, select the fragment with the mouse. You will see the additional menu.

  • To add an image or a video, go to the next line. You will see “Plus” icon. Click it to choose: image, link or video. 

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