Tags and how to use them

What are tags and how do they work?

Tag is a mark that helps other users find a review. The purpose is to attract users to your page.

It is really simple:

  1. The author publishes a review and includes the most relevant tags.
  2. The user searches for some product or service and finds the right tag. By clicking the tag, user gets to all the reviews under the same tag.

How do I include tags in my review?

To include a tag, put  # before the word without spaces. For example: #ontrend.

You can also use phrases. In this case replace space with underscore - #like_that.

For example, for a dress review you can use: #dress #stylish_dress #summer2018 #summer_dressc etc. You can use as many tags as you want.

How do I find items through tags?

There are two ways that help find the items by tags:

  1. Go to Megabonus Reviews through "My Reviews".

Then click “Megabonus Reviews” button in the upper left corner. You will see popular tags. When you click on any of the tags, you can see all the reviews under this tag.

2. Go to Megabonus Reviews through "My Reviews". Select the category. 

You will see all the tags of the specific category. By clicking on any option you will see all reviews that match it. You can sort it by date of posting and by popularity:

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