How do I find interesting reviews?

How to find new and popular reviews?

To search for new reviews, go to Megabonus Reviews through "My Reviews".

Then click on Megabonus Reviews logo at the upper left corner. You will see all the popular tags and “New Reviews” block as well.

You will Popular Reviews. Reviews become Popular by amount of likes (hearts) they get from users.

Click “Show all” to see the all the categories.

How do I find reviews that I need?

To search for the reviews, go to Megabonus Reviews through "My Reviews".

There is a search bar on every page of the platform. Start typing text and you will see the list of the reviews in the dropdown menu.

You can ignore the list of the reviews you see and keep typing. Press “Enter” when you are done. You will see all the reviews matching your text in the alphabetical order. For example, if you search "Paint", the first review will be "Almond paint" and the last - "Yellow paint".

You can also find products by Tags.

How do I narrow the search?

When you get search results, you will see the list of categories on the right. All the categories are checked by default.

To narrow your search, exclude unnecessary categories and choose only those that fit your needs.

For example, if you are looking for hair dye you, put the checkboxes in "Beauty and Health" and "Fashion and Style" categories. It will exclude paint, color and ink.

Perhaps, there are no reviews in the category that you need, then the search results won't give anything. There's no need to worry - gradually the amount of reviews will increase. Any user can assist with project development and get passive income from purchases made via his links. All you need is to publish a review on a purchased product.

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