Why can't the shipment be tracked sometimes?

There might be numerous reasons why the package can’t be tracked. It depends on different factors such as the destination country of country of origin, etc.:

Wrong tracking number

Status «Registration of electronic notice» is just a registration of the notice about future shipping of the package. It doesn’t mean the package was actually sent. The seller may send the parcel much later.  

If you still can’t track the parcel in 2-3 weeks, it means that the seller either hasn’t sent the parcel or has given an incorrect tracking number.

In this case it’s better to open the Dispute on AliExpress. To do it, you need to describe the situation in detail, attach the tracking number and the screenshots of the tracking history.

Be careful as there are tracking numbers of the new format. Sometimes the data about such tracking numbers may be not added to the database. In this case it’s worth checking the information via several tracking services.  

Why can’t I track the shipment since it crossed the border?

Some tracking numbers can only be seen in the country of origin territory.

It is especially true for the Russian mail deliveries, the numbers of which consist of either digits only or have RU in front of them.

Unfortunately, there isn't one guaranteed way to check this, so you have to check each delivery separately.

It’s important to make sure the warranty period is prolonged in this case.

Delay on Export stage

Once it is shipped, the parcel might be moving through the territory of the country of origin. As soon as it crosses the border, it gets the Export status.

This stage might take up to 60 days as the shipping to another country is only processed when the postal room is full. If more time has passed and there is still no updated information on the location of your parcel, you can open the Dispute on AliExpress. To resolve the issue, you need to provide the tracking number and the screenshot of tracking and describe the situation in detail.  

The shipping can be canceled

Sometimes the package can return back to the sender. Most often it happens to the parcels containing the prohibited items. You can learn more on the website of the postal service of your country.

Remember, the prohibited items are paints, varnishes, aerosols and related materials.

The tracking information is outdated

The sellers sometimes reassign the tracking numbers; there's nothing wrong with it. It’s possible that your delivery information wasn’t erased.

In this case contact the Customer support service and we will help to resolve the issue.

The package is lost on the territory of destination country.

Sometimes the package goes to the wrong city or gets lost after it crossed the border. Contact your courier service in this case or make a complaint about your parcel.  

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