How to create a collection?

What is the collection and why do I need it?

Collections are placed in Smart Cart which you can find by pressing on the icon with four blocks to the left of the notification bell. 

Smart Cart is a service where you can track changes of product value and always be notified when the price gets lower.

Collections are named folders where you can add items in one category.

For example, you want to track price changes for different tools - drill, soldering station, screwdriver. In this case, you can create a folder and name it “Tools” or “Gift for Bill”.

If you track similar items you can create a specific folder. For example, “Sneakers” or “Headphones”.

By creating folders it will be easier to find items that you need and you don’t waste your time searching for an item on a big list.

You can change collections and rename them as you please to create a more comfortable experience.

How do I create a collection?

You can create a collection if you track at least two items.

At first, all items are stored in a folder called “Items out of collections”. All collections have this name by default when you create them. By clicking on the name of the collection you can change it.

To create a new collection go to Smart Cart and find the item you need. Click on the item and drag it to the right. It will open a “Create a collection” box. Drop your item in this box. If you want to add an item to the collection you already have you need to drag the item to the folder you need.

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