How to enable/disable push notifications form Megabonus?

How do browser notifications work?

Browser notifications allow you to be aware of useful changes in your account and on the website.

By default they appear:

  •      In the bottom right of the screen for Windows users.
  •      At the top of the screen for Mac OS users, Push notifications are a signal that you need to visit the Megabonus website. So you don't have to have an open site at hand. You can forget about constant monitoring and calmly surf the Internet. The notification itself will tell you what happened and what needs to be done.

Notifications are connected all at once and inform you about:

  • When cashback is credited
  • When the cashback amount has accumulated, which is enough to withdraw
  • When a new friend joined to the program
  • When did the promotion begin
  • When a cashback is available in an inactive store
  • When new promo codes appeared in the store
  • How do I turn on browser notification?

    There are two ways to turn your notifications on:

    ●      From “My cash back”, “My wallet” “Income from fiends”, “Promotion page”, “Promo code page” and “Inactive store “sections.

    ●      From the “ Settings” section - from the same page where they are turned off.

    Go to the appropriate section to turn your notifications on. In the upper right corner a window with an offer to get information in push will appear. You need to move the switch to the right so that it changes its color from gray to yellow. After that you need to confirm your agreement in the request for permission from the browser - it will appear on the left side of the screen.

    How do I control browser notifications through the "Settings" section?

    In the" My settings" section, you can turn notifications on/off if necessary. To do that you need to:

    ●      Go directly to the section. To do this, click on the menu call icon in the upper left corner - on three horizontal stripes. select "My Settings" in the list.

    ●      Go down to the bottom of the page. The necessary block will be at the very bottom on the left side, right under “Change Password” block.

    ●      Click on the switch. The color will change from gray to yellow (and vice versa) indicates the inclusion (disabling) of push notifications. New settings are saved automatically.

    We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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