How do I sign up after I rejected the use of cookies?

What is a cookie and how is it used?

Of course, this is not about cookies. In fact, cookies are temporary files that are stored in a browser folder on a computer. These files are created by any service so that you can use it and make it convenient.

For example, saving a username and password in a particular service is a cookie. The website remembers data so that it does not have to be entered every time the page is refreshed. Adding an item to the cart is also a cookie. They allow you to put aside something for purchase and in the end place a general order.

Cookies are also important on our website. Unless saving the password, the main function of the website is to activate cashback. Our “helpers” allow us to remember that cashback has been activated in this store and provide an opportunity to safely search for products on the website.

It is necessary to remember that we are talking about temporary files. They are automatically erased after a while so as not to fill the internal memory. If necessary, they can be deleted manually in any browser.

If you want to clear cookie files, we recommend you to do this after completing the purchase with a cashback or until the activation of the cashback and placing the order.

What do you need to do to register?

To register you have to agree to the use of cookies. The full version of the agreement you can find on our website. If you have previously refused to use cookies, there is nothing to it. Just refresh the page using the appropriate browser button, the F5 button on the keyboard, or the Ctrl+R key combination (Command + R – for MAC OS).

After entering the data, a window will appear where you need to click "Agree".

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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