Why does the link in the review no longer work for me?


  1. Why does the link no longer work?
  2. How do I continue to earn income for a review?
  3. How do I determine if the link is relevant?

Why does the link no longer work?

This could happen in one of three cases:

  • The seller has run out of goods. The quantity of goods from sellers may be limited by the purchased lot. Therefore, with time or during the sales period, it may end. If we are talking about electronics, then the model can also be discontinued.
  • Сashback is no longer credited In this store. For income-generating, you need to place links to products in stores in which cashback is credited. However, over time, partners may decide not to cooperate. In this case, the link also stops working.

How do I continue to earn income for a review?

Place a link to the product from another seller or another store so that a review will continue to generate income.

1.    To do this, go to the Reviews section and open the side menu by clicking in the upper left corner on:

2.    Next, select "My Reviews" and in the list find the name you need.

3. After opening the edit page, scroll to the part with an invalid link. In the upper right corner of the block, click on the cross.

4. To add another link, copy it from the address bar of the selected site. Then return to the "Megabonus"  page and put the cursor in a new line, click on the + sign and through the left mouse button - "Insert". The “Enter” key on the keyboard completes the action.

How do I determine if the link is relevant?

Once a day, you will receive an email to the address specified in our service. From this letter you can immediately proceed to editing the necessary review.

For your convenience, you can install the Megabonus application. Once a day you will also receive push notifications with a list of irrelevant links.

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