How to get increased cash back?

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Terms and conditions of increased cash back receiving.

Increased cash back is a recurrent campaign for the Megabonus users. It allows you to increase cash back rate by 2 or even by 5 times.

There are several conditions you should meet in order to get increased cash back:

1. Activate the promotion and cash back separately. First, activate the promotion and then cash back. This is a limited time offer.

2. The promotion can be activated a limited number of times. Its counter is displayed in the top right corner of the banner. This is why you should always pay attention to it. If the counter is near zero, hurry up with making a purchase. If you don’t need anything in this store, leave the other users an opportunity to use the promotion.

3. Increased cash back lasts for 10 hours(until 25.11.2021 - 3 hours) after the activation. Make your purchase within this period of time, while remembering about the limited number of activations.

The countdown timer will be displayed in the cash back activation section of the correspondent store.

4. Increased cash back applies to a certain number of purchases. The number will be displayed in the campaign tooltip. If an order is split into items, like on AliExpress, increased cash back will be applied to the first items.

5. After the campaign in a store is over, the activation button will disappear until the next campaign.

How to activate increased cash back on the website?

You can check whether increased cash back is available on the main page of website right near the “You made purchases in this stores” section:

1. Hover the mouse cursor over the increased cash back section to see the conditions once again.

2. Click the “Increase” button.

3. You will be automatically redirected to the store’s card, where you can check the conditions and click the “Activate cash back” button.

4. Make a purchase in the opened tab and wait for cash back accrual at the stated time.

How do I activate increased cash back in the app?

The increased cash back can only be activated from the home page of the app or from a widget:

  • A list of shops with increased cash back can be found on the home page of the app by clicking on the button in the bottom left corner:

  • You can also install the mobile app widget on your phone screen and keep track of the start of promotions. The correspondent icon will appear on a store’s card when increased cash back is detected. Cash back can be activated right from the widget.

How to check whether increased cash back is successfully activated?

You will see a regular line in the "History of clicks" section after promotion and cash back activation. It will look exactly like after regular activation.

After successful activation, the cash back accrual line will appear in the “My cash back” section. The sum of cash back will be split in two parts: regular cash back and the bonus.

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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