How to get more benefits with Megabonus?

The topics covered in the article:

  • Shop with cash back
  • Write product reviews
  • Post cash back links
  • Bring friends to us
  • Use partner cards

Our service is a tool that allows you to accumulate cash back and withdraw it to an electronic wallet, bank card or mobile phone. If desired, the accumulated amount can even be donated directly to the Charity Fund.

You can withdraw funds from $ 1.5. Cash back does not expire, so you can accumulate it at a convenient rate. But the more ways of generating income are used, the faster and more accumulation will be.

Therefore, we want every user to get acquainted with the capabilities of our site and be able to use them to the maximum.

Information about the category and amount of receipts can be found in the "My cash back" section.

Make purchases and get cash back for them

Our service started a long time ago as a cash back service. At first, we only offered cash back from one store - AliExpress. Now the number of stores has grown significantly and you can get cash back from your purchases in more than 2000 stores. Use this opportunity when shopping online.

Nowadays, almost all offline stores have their own online versions. In them, the product can be cheaper and you can also get cash back for it.

Going on vacation? This is a great opportunity to get some of your funds back. Activate it before buying plane, train, hotel or car tickets.

Want to try online courses or order a meal at home? This can also be done with cash back.

If you install the Megabonus extension, it will itself remind you of activation in the store. And if you need to be more mobile, install our application.

What do you need to do to get cash back? It must be activated in any convenient way. After placing an order, the amount is credited to the balance in the Megabonus personal account. The confirmation period is indicated on the store card. This is the period that the store needs to verify the order: that it was received, purchased, and there was no return. Cash back can be withdrawn only after its confirmation.

Write product reviews

If you find any great product, tell the world about it. There are such a huge number of options in stores that they scatter eyes. If the thing turned out to be really good and useful, it became some kind of discovery - share the information with other people. Feel like a blogger and get income from it.

How do I get cash back for reviews? Write your review for a product or service and post it. Share your review with your friends on social networks. After clicking on the posted link, any purchase within 2 hours will bring income. Even if another product was purchased.

Post cash back links

If writing is not your favorite thing or you have your own YouTube channel, you can simply post cash back links to products. This can be done under a video clip, for example. Also, such a link can be shared on social networks or sent to friends who do not want to receive cash back.

How does it work? Copy the link to the product from the store. In the section "Income from friends" paste this link into the appropriate window and click on "Create". The resulting link can be shared. The main thing is that it does not turn into spam and be used for harm.

Bring your friends to us

Tell people about us and invite them to register using your link. This will allow you to receive income from purchases of invited friends. The accrual takes place depending on their level. The largest cash back can be received when a friend is on the first level.

If you bring more than 100 friends, the income will be credited until they reach the level of "Master of the coin". If there are fewer friends, the period for obtaining additional income will be limited to 6 months from the date of registration of each of them.

How do I invite friends? In the section "Income from friends" copy the link for a friend and send it in any convenient way. Registration must take place from another computer.

Use partner cards

Another separate option is to use the cards of our partners to pay for purchases on the Internet. In this case, the benefit will be double. Cash back can be received to your balance in Megabonus and additionally to your card balance.

You can find a list of cards on our website. Over time, it will be replenished, but for now, to get a cash back, you can use the cards of Rocketbank, Megafon, Ural Bank and Alfa Bank.

How does it work? Activate cash back, purchase the product and pay for it with a bank card of our partners. After that, the cash back will be credited to your card balance and to your personal account "Megabonus". The percentage of accrual can be different.

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