How do I get $1.13 as a gift?


Who can take part in it?

At the moment the feature is running in test mode and is not available to everyone. If it proves to be interesting to the users, the number of participants will be increased.

Of the total number, the selection is random, no one can influence this. There are only one important conditions: 

  • The promotion is offered to users registered after 23 March 2022.

What do I have to do?

If the user is among those selected, they will receive a push notification on their phone. It will notify them of the pending gift. When clicked, Megabonus app will open and you will get your first prize of $0.01. 

To quickly claim the declared bonus and complete the entire task, you must visit the app for 14 consecutive days.  The whole amount is divided into parts, but its distribution is uneven. The first 13 days you will receive $0.01, but on the 14th day you will receive $1. 

You will be reminded every day until you reach your goal. You do not need to wait for it every day - you can simply log in the application and get $0.01. There is a special window to inform you if your action is successful or not:

Attention: the promo action will be restarted after every missed day, thus postponing the final stage.

When will the gift be available for withdrawal?

Each time a gift is credited, it will be accumulated and held pending until cash back purchase is made. It does not matter how many gifts have accumulated at this point - all bonuses will change their status to "Confirmed". It is important to make the purchase within 3 months of receiving the gift.

After that you only need to reach the minimum amount to withdraw.

You can check the accrual and its current status under "My Cash back". It will be marked as Gift from Megabonus.

To open the desired section, click on the wallet icon in the application and select the desired item. 

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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