When will my cash back be confirmed?

You can see a general time of cash back confirmation on the page of the shop you're interested in (as it may differ). 

Calculate the approximate date of your cash back confirmation using this formula: 

Confirm goods received date + the usual period of cash back confirmation listed on the page of the shop you're interested. 

Few other factors can influence the cash back confirmation, such as: 

  • Delivery deadline. Your cash back can ONLY be confirmed once you have confirmed goods received. 
  • Opened disputes or partial refunds. If you asked to recount the sum of your order, there's a big chance you'll have to wait longer. 
  • The warranty period for the goods that you can't exchange. Cash back confirmation extends. 
  • Big sales can attract many customers; it takes more time to process the orders. 

Confirm goods received in AliExpress and wait less time:

  • Log in AliExpress account.
  • Enter My orders.
  • Click on "Confirm goods received".

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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