The status of your Delivery FAQs

 The status of your shipment can change a few times during delivery.

This article provides explanations to help determine where your shipment is and if it's delayed or late.

Waiting for pick up

Means that your order has been processed and now awaits delivery. The parcel hasn't been sent yet.

Shipment dispatched

Means that your parcel has been handed out for delivery, all necessary documents have been filled out, and your package now has a tracking number.

Arrived at IMPC

IMPC is short for International Mail Processing Center. This status means that Customs officers are now checking your parcel. Your package will be on its way once it's cleared.


Means your package is sent to another country.  It sometimes can take up to 60 days since all the mail deliveries are round up.

No company will ship one package only, so once they have a certain amount - they will send your parcel.


Means the package is in your country already and now will be transferred to airmail transportation division.

Here your parcel will be weighed; its package checked, the barcode scanned. It generally takes a few days.

Handed to Customs

Means that your package is scanned and checked for banned items. In case the Customs officers have a reason to believe that the parcel contains forbidden goods, they might open the package and send the box back.

Detained by Customs

Means that your parcel is a different weight or other norms and you now have to pay the tax for the parcel.

Left Customs

Means that your parcel is given out to IMPC. The parcel can travel through a few cities until it reaches you.

The status might stay the same for some time; it depends on the time your parcel has already been in delivery.

Shipment at local distribution center

Means your parcel is now at the post office according to the Zip code (postal code). You can go to your local post office once you receive the invoice, just make sure you got your passport (id) on you.

Delivery successful

The final status which means that your parcel has been delivered to the client.

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