Shipment and Delivery FAQs.

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Is it necessary to provide my id or passport data once the customs office asks for them?

There has been a recent update in rules for delivery companies.

In case you order by the courier (express delivery) company, it's necessary to provide them your personal information because they now have to prepare this date for the customs office.

They usually ask for your name and surname, number and series and the issue date of the document proving the identity.

When will my package arrive?

Export is a 3-60 days period for your shipment tracking. In case more time has passed, and the shipment should appear in tracking systems in the receiving country,  we suggest opening a dispute in AliExpress.

AliExpress customer support manager might ask you to send a tracking number, a screenshot of where the shipment is now (according to your tracking system) and a detailed description of the issue.

Where can I get more info about the status of my shipment?

You can find more information about your shipment here:

Why was my delivery canceled?

The most common reason for the delivery cancellation is a banned item. Please make sure your parcel was not one of these (the following information is actual for Russian postal deliveries) .

Keep in mind that oil paints, sprays, lighters and everything flammable are usually banned for airmail in every country.

I can’t track my shipment since it crossed the border.

Some tracking numbers can only be seen in the country of origin territory.

It is especially true for the Russian mail deliveries, the numbers of which consist of either digits only or have RU in front of them.

Unfortunately, there isn't one guaranteed way to check this, so you have to check each delivery.

Making sure the warranty period is prolonged is essential in this case.

Parcel is lost in my country.

Please contact your post office or call a post office hotline. The number for Russian Federation is  8-800-2005-888.

The tracking information is outdated.

The sellers sometimes reassign the tracking numbers; there's nothing wrong with it. It’s possible that your delivery information wasn’t erased.

Why was my shipment sent to another country?

It's wise to check the address of your shipment, and if everything is alright, it merely means that your package is passing through this country.

The address is wrong (the city and country are correct, but the Street or building aren't)

The best solution would be to come to your post office with an id or passport and to receive the package without the invoice that might never reach you.

I used the wrong address and the package was sent to another city.

In this case, you should come to your post office and ask them to look for your parcel and contact the seller.

The mailmen send the unclaimed mail back within a month.

What if I used the wrong information (the address, the name)?

You can contact the seller or open dispute for the order. In case the seller does not respond, you should contact AliExpress customer support.

Please attach a screenshot of the destination point is seen and your residence proof (point to it with the arrows). You might need to cover the number and series of your passport  (id number) for that.

Wrong tracking number.

We suggest opening a dispute. You might have to attach a screenshot, include the order number and a detailed description of the situation.

It might be a good idea to check your tracking number in a few tracking services, as they can sometimes upload the orders with delays.

I got the wrong order.

Practice shows that filming the unpacking might come in handy in the case might need to open a dispute with the seller.

This is great advice for more expensive goods.

AliExpress might also ask you to provide a document about the weight of the package. You can get this type of paper at the post office.

How long can they keep my parcel at the post office?

The post office managers can keep your parcel for 30 days only. Once the time runs out, the package is sent back to the seller.

How do I track an express delivery?

 A hotline number of the delivery service can be easily found on their website. Please contact them about the issue.

How do they deliver the package if I order via express delivery?

A delivery man will contact you and choose the best time to drop off your package.

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