How to change the withdrawal method on Megabonus website?

You can change the withdrawal method on the page «My payment information» on your Megabonus personal account.

Follow the instructions:

  1.  Click on the cogwheel in the card of the withdrawal method.
  2.  Enter new payment details in the field.
  3. Click on the tick at the bottom left to save the changes or cross to cancel. If the entered information is incorrect, an error message will occur. 
  4.  When you save new payment details you will need to confirm them. A letter will be automatically sent to the email you used to sign up for Megabonus. If there are no letters please check your email address is correct on the page "My settings". If the address is correct check your Spam folder. 
  5. Click "Apply" in the letter to confirm the changes.

Every withdrawal method has its own peculiarities of adding the payment details: 

  •          Mobile phone: The number starts with +79, then nine digits go.
  •          QIWI wallet: The number starts with +, then 11 or 12 digits go.
  •          WebMoney WMR: The number starts with capital R, then 12 digits go.
  •          WebMoney WMZ: The number starts with capital Z, then 12 digits go.
  •          Yandex.Money: The number contains 12 - 15 digits.
  •          Credit card: The number contains 16 - 18 digits.
  •          PayPal: Enter the email address registered in PayPal system.
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