How do I delete my account?

We appreciate our users and always try to resolve any issues that may occur  and help them.

This is why we recommend contacting us in case you face any difficulties. You can do it via the feedback form or by sending the email on

If your question doesn’t require resolving and decision to delete the account is final, remember the following important things:

  •     You can sign up with the email used for registration only once.
  •     All the cash back you saved disappear when you delete the account.
  •     Your account will be irrevocably deleted in 30 days from filling in the applications. You can restore your account until this term ends.   

To delete your account follow the instructions:

1.       Log in to your personal account and click the arrow next to your userpic.

2.       In the menu choose My settings.

3.       In the bottom of the page select «Delete my account».

4.       Read the information in the window and click «Agree».

5.       If the reasons for deleting are connected with your experience with our service, please tell us about them. It will take just a few minutes but will be very helpful to us. Thanks to this information we can become better and improve our service.  

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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