How do I withdraw my cash back?

The topics covered in the article:

  • Why doesn’t the payout request block show up?
  • How to request payout in the personal account on the web-site?
  • How to request payout in the mobile app?

Why doesn't the payout request block show up?

There are several reasons for this and all of them are solvable:

  • You need to save up minimal sum of cash back according to the chosen withdrawal method. In this case, you may consider another method or wait for the confirmation of cash back for other orders.
  • Personal account is blocked to prevent withdrawal by third parties. Please contact the customer support service to unblock your personal account.
  • You need to add requisites. In this case you can add the payment details of your choosing right on the current page and confirm them by clicking on the Apply button in the confirmation letter.
  • You need to confirm changes in requisites. We recommend adding requisites again if they were added a long time ago. However, you can simply click on the Resend the letter button. The letter will arrive within 15 minutes to the email you set as the login. Open the letter and click the Apply button to confirm the changes.

    To check whether the email is set correctly, visit the page Settings.

How to request payout in the personal account on the web-site?

1. You can withdraw the funds through the My wallet page. This page is a starting point for different scenarios that lead to overall outcome. You can request a payout from here as well as add or change requisites.

There are two ways to find this page:  

  • To open the Cash back page, click the menu button in the top left corner and choose the My wallet section.
  • In any section, click the userpic in the top right corner and click the Withdraw button. Please note that this action is available if you collected $1.5 on your account.

2. Choose the required withdrawal method after opening the section.

3.  You can request payouts to confirmed requisites only. That's why the next page can look differently.

The Delete and the Change buttons will be present in both page versions. Also, there are always the details on the chosen method in the right part of the page: withdrawal fee, minimal amount, currency of withdrawal and other conditions. Check out the full list carefully before further actions.

There will be the payout request block if the requisites are successfully confirmed. Enter the amount of funds and click the Withdraw button.

The payout request block will be replaced by the block for adding or confirming requisites if the requisites have not been saved yet.

4. You will be redirected to the My wallet section. Payout statuses can be checked there.

How to request payout in the mobile app?

1. There are two ways to request payout in the mobile app:

  • By opening the Profile screen using the button in the bottom right corner
  • By opening the My wallet section in the lower menu

2. Select Withdraw cash back and choose a required method.

3. Check if the requisites are correct in the window that appears. Enter the details or change them if needed.

⚠️ All changes need to be confirmed through the profile email. Otherwise, you will see the window with the requisites confirmation suggestions.

4. Enter the amount of funds. It should be equivalent or greater than the minimal amount for current withdrawal method.

5. The grey Withdraw button will turn yellow if the entered amount is correct. Tap it to send a payout request.

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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