How do I take a screenshot on mobile device?

What is a screenshot and why do we need it?

Screenshot is a picture of your screen. You can take it on your PC, laptop, tablet and even on your mobile phone.

Such pictures help to show the information to other people who don’t have access to this information.  You can take a screenshot of the order on mobile application or of your chat with somebody.

There are no universal instructions to taking screenshots. The procedure may vary depending on the device. For computers and laptops there is software designed to take screenshots. You can select the field or save the whole page.

Mobile devices are different. The edge of the screen is the border of the picture you are going to save. To take a screenshot you need to push certain buttons simultaneously.

Arrange the information on the screen so that all the necessary details are clearly seen. You can find keyboard shortcuts if you have your device with you or remember your OS version. We will take the most popular Android and iOS versions as examples.

How do I take a screenshot on Android?

The shutter sound or the picture demonstration will prove the screenshot is taken. Try to follow the instruction several times to make sure you do everything right.

Method1. If your device has a mechanical home button.

The button looks like this:

If your smartphone has this button try doing the following:

  • Long press the home and back buttons simultaneously. They are located near each other in the front part:

The method should be suitable for devices with Android 2.3. version.

  • Long press home and power button simultaneously.

Method 2.If your device doesn’t have home button.

Long press the power and volume buttons.

This method works for Android 4.0 - 4.1.1.

How do I take a screenshot on iPhone?

The owners of iPhone can easily take screenshots. The methods depend on the model of the smartphone.

You can recognize successfully taken screenshot by the sound and the flash.

We will take 2 variants:

  • iPhones except iPhone X.

Press home and sleep buttons simultaneously.

  • iPhone X.

Press sleep and volume buttons simultaneously.

Where do screenshots hide?


You can finds the screenshots taken on the Gallery or on My files. They are stored in the folder Pictures/Screenshots or Pictures/ScreenCapture.


  • The taken screenshot will appear in the Photos folder.
  • In the latest iOS versions in the Photos folder you need to find the necessary album.

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