What can I do if my review was blocked?

Reviews can be blocked for different reasons. If it happened, you will receive a notification. It will indicate one of 3 possible reasons:

What does each reason mean?

Let's check what might be the reasons for blocking:

  1. The title doesn’t comply with the terms of posting the reviews:
  • The title doesn't describe the item.  

For example, the review is about a hat but the title says about the dress.

  • The title doesn’t reflect the essence.

For example, the title is just a set of random symbols.

  • The title contains prohibited content

Check the Terms of posting reviews to learn more.

2. The cover of the review doesn't comply with the terms of posting the reviews:

  • Images are of poor quality.

They can be too small or unfocused. Choose pictures of high quality. They will also attract more users.

  • Images contain prohibited content

You can check this information in the Terms of posting reviews

3.The description of the item doesn't comply with the terms of posting the reviews:

  • Text of the review is missing or includes only tags.

Describe the item, its pros and cons, important details, seller's approach.

  • Contains prohibited content.

You can check this information in the Terms of posting reviews

  • Part of the text disappeared due to the technical issues.

An error occurred and a part of the text got missing. It rarely happens but in this case you will need to recover the information.

  • The text doesn't correspond to the item

Text must be describe the referred purchase.

  • Text is less than 500 characters.

Often it means that the review contains only "highly recommended, make a purchase, it's an excellent product". Review must contain the detailed description to be successfully moderated. If you are happy with the product, mention all its advantages in comparison to others needs, tell about the shipping term, guarantee, etc.  

  • Ads that are not relevant to the product are forbidden.

Links and ads in the review must be relevant to the item. Don’t put links that are not corresponding to the context of your review.  Don’t put the links to third-party websites: YouTube, groups on social media, the store’s website, other cash back services, etc.

What can I do if my review is blocked?

In this case, open your review and find what you need to improve. Make changes and send it again.

For users' convenience we have created the tips that will help to create a successful and popular review and answer most of your questions.

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