What is Megabonus Review for and how can I get additional income?

What is Megabonus Reviews and how does it work?

Megabonus Reviews is an independent space for exchanging reviews about purchases.

Megabonus reviews gives new opportunities to the users:

1. You can find interesting products;

2. You can read the reviews on items of your interest;

3. Your can write a review yourself and get income for other users' purchases.

Review is an article about an item bought from one of our stores. You can easily post it in a few simple steps.

What reward will author get?

Every review contains a link that users can use to buy product or service. Any product bought within 3 hours from clicking the link will bring some income to the author.

The amount of  commission depends on whether user is registered on Megabonus or not:

- If a link was used by an unregistered user, the author will get all income for the purchase. Your commission will be calculated by your cash back rate in Megabonus Loyalty program regardless of any other factors.

- If a link was used by a registered user, then the amount of income will be calculated according to this table:

User's level in Megabonus Loyalty program.Cash back share that the author will get.

Newbie                                       50%

Mathematician                           40%

Tradesman                                31%

Economist                                 22%

Shopaholic                                14%

Treasurer                                    7%

Master of Coin                              0

In this case the user will also get income. It will depend on their own level in Megabonus Loyalty program.

How do I find out what income I will get from the published review?                                  

For every review there are statistics on your income. You can see it after pressing the icon:

There are four rates in the window:

  1. Link clicks
  2. Purchases via the link.
  3. Pending income (the amount awaiting confirmation after the visitor’s purchase).
  4. Actual income (Confirmed and available for withdrawal amount).

You can see the exact amount of cash back and the date of the purchase in "My cash back" section.

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