How do I make my review successful?

Review is an objective opinion on a certain item. You can find some recommendations for the authors to get highest possible income from a review:    

  • Think about your readers!

The title of a review should definitely contain the type of the product. For example, "Amazing smart teapot" or "Fast smartphone". Keywords in this example are teapot and smartphone. The search is performed through these keyword.  

Choose the right category. This way it will be easier for readers to find your review.

Specify several keywords in the #tags - it will be very useful for the readers if the are looking for a certain product, store or brand.

  • Stick to the point.

In your text pay attention to the important information about an item. Write about pros and cons of your purchase, describe the package, tell about all the details, rate seller's reliability, tell about the shipping and its speed.

  • Fill your review with pictures.

Good pictures and images attracts the attention. Upload your own photos. It is important to users to know that you really use the product by yourself.

  • Number of the items.

You can write about one or more items in your review. If you describe several items, you can combine them in a thematic collection. Don’t include in your review more than 5-6 items at once.

  • Be active.

Like and comment other reviews and users. This way you can draw attention to your reviews. And, of course, share your reviews on social media - it will attract your friends and followers.

What I shouldn't do?

  • Don’t spam.

It's better to put several items into thematic collections than to publish them one by one.

  • Don’t post borrowed content.

If you use someone else’s materials, indicate the source of that information.

  • Don’t offend other users.

Remember that on the other side of the computer screen there is a person just like you. We are up for friendly atmosphere.

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