How to deactivate third party extensions?


  1. Why do I get a pop up window about turning off third-party extensions?
  2. How to know what extensions to disable?
  3. Why do I need to disable third-party extensions?
  4. How to disable third-party extensions?

Why do I get a pop up window about turning off third-party extensions?

This window appears is a warning that user has third-party extensions.

Extensions can help in some cases and be inconvenient in others. Sometimes you don’t know about them or forget that they are installed because they don’t have any visible reasons to be disabled.

We do understand that some processes can be effected discreetly and finding out that cash back wasn’t credited is always frustrating. To make cash back activation easier and more slick we’ve decided to check for third-party extensions.

How to know what extensions to disable?

First of all turn off:
  •      Extensions of other cash back services
  •      Ad blocking extensions
  •      Antivirus extensions
  •      Price tracking extensions. This functionality is included to our extension - you can use it instead.

In our informational window extensions are listed for a specific browser that can block cash back activation.

💡  Remember that such informational window appears only if you installed the Megabonus extension.

If you need to check which extensions are still enabled and how many of them are press on “Check third party extensions”.

Why do I need to disable third-party extensions?

By activating cash back you generate a special link for your purchase. Through this link our partners trace your purchase and credit your cash back.

Some extensions can block this link and by that interrupt process of cash back activation. The result is cash back not being displayed on your account.

For example, AdBlock can block pop up ad and help you with unwanted ads, but it can also block a profitable link.

How to disable third-party extensions?

You can do it in easy way:

1.     Find needed page depending on which browser you use:

  •       For Chrome: chrome://extensions/
  •       For Opera: opera://extensions/
  •       For Yandex: browser://tune/

2.     Copy text above. Then paste it in browser search box.

3.     Press Enter to go to the chosen page.

4.     Find extension that was listed and move a switch near extension to the left.

5.     When switch turns gray that will be the indication that extension is fully disabled.

6.     Turn off any other extensions that were listed one by one.

7.     Go back to Megabonus extension page and press “Go to store”.

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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