I have written to customer support and haven’t received a reply yet. What should I do?

We always reply to our users and make sure every request has been paid attention to.

If you send a message from your account, we reply to your user email.

In case you send a message from the unregistered email, we reply to that address.

MegaBonus customer support usually replies within 24h, but it can take longer during season sales or on weekends.

Still haven't received a reply from MegaBonus?

The following actions will help ensure you get the answer to your question in time:

1) Please check the email set up in your account. A simple mistake may be the reason for a long delay with a reply.

This email address is also used for other purposes, for example in case you want to update your payment information or a password.

If there is a mistake after all, please contact us from an active email or send your request here support@megabonus.com.

2) Make sure the letter isn't in your spam folder. To reanimate the letters you could add  no-reply@megabonus.com to your address book. Now the emails from us will come in time.

3) The limit on incoming letters may be another reason for the missing email from us.  Contact your email support, and they will assist you with the situation.

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