How do I submit the "cash back isn't displayed" form in one click?

The feature is temporarily unavailable, we are working on resolving the issue.

What do you need for the quick filling of the form “Not accrued with cashback”?

To quickly fill out the form, the extension must be installed in the browser.
If it is not installed, please follow the link and install it:

How fill the form fast?

When the extension is installed, follow the instructions for completing of quickly filling of the form:
1.    Sign in to your AliExpress account.
2.    Go to the  orders section and find the desired one.
3.    Open the information section via the button “More” at the top of the block.
4.    Go to the block “Order” and click on the button “Cashback not charged?“.
5.    Next, you will be redirected to the form filling page. From the order will be pulled all the necessary information. Will only answer a few simple questions and send the information to us for verification.
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