How to fill in the «Cash back isn’t displayed» form in the Mobile App?

When do I need to fill in the form?

Cash back is displayed on your personal account within an hour after the purchase. Usually you can see it right after you complete the order.

The delays up to several days might occur. It rarely happens in practice. The delays are usually caused by the difficulties on the side of our partners such as technical issues or increased number of orders due to season sales. You can always stay in touch with us on social networks. We post the latest news to inform our users about the delays or changes.   

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If there are no posts on social networks and more than an hour passed, fill in the «Cash back isn’t displayed» form. It allows us to check the information and resolve the issue. Results may vary:

  •  If the order is found you will get the cash back in full.
  • If the order is not found we will be able to give 50% compensation and provide our recommendations.
  • If you never get your cash back we will give our recommendations. In this case we have to find the reason why the cash back isn’t credited. We can help to fill in the form. Please contact us through the feedback form or email

How to fill in the form on mobile device?

To fill in the form on mobile device open the App and follow the instructions:

1. Click «Account» at the bottom right:

2. Click «Help».

3. Select the topic «Cash back isn’t displayed» and click «Contact us»:

4. You will see the form to fill in. The questions are divided into the blocks and you need to answer all of them. Then the «Next» button will change its color from grey to yellow.

5. Click yellow button «Next» to move on.

6. The last block of questions ends with the button «Send». It will become yellow as soon as you fill in all the fields. It means you can send the application to processing. Click «Send» to complete the application.

All the applications are processed within 5 business days. As soon as we have checked the information we decide on compensation. You will receive an email with the results of processing and our recommendations for every application.

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