How do I fill out Cashback isn't displayed form?

If you haven't received the cash back during 40 minutes from your order, please fill out our Cashback isn't displayed form.

By using this form, you save your time as the request is processed directly without a Support manager assistance.
Here are a few tips to help you navigate with ease:
  1. You can either use the link or find the form yourself by opening our Ask a question section.
  2. The number of your order should be seen. Please be careful with the data you input as it may influence a decision. The number of the order should be the same as the one listed in your purchase information. In case your order has a few positions, we will break the order down to those positions ourselves.
  3. The date of your order should be visible. It should also correspond with the date we see on the screenshot.
  4. Screenshots are a vital part of the Cash back isn't displayed form, and we have an article that can explain the details os making the correct screenshot that will be accepted for form checking.
  5. Now let's move to the questions from the form.
  • Was the product in the shopping cart or the "Wishlist" section prior to the activation of cash back?
In case the order hasn't been in the cart or "My wishes," click NO.
If your order has been in the cart before activation click YES.
  • Was the product added to the shopping cart and paid for on the same device or browser?
In case you paid for the order right away without putting the purchase in the cart, you did it with one device, click YES.
In case you ordered via laptop and paid via your phone (it can also be any other available method) click NO, because in that case, you used different devices.
  • How much time passed between adding the product to the shopping cart and paying for it?
Please try to remember at least the approximate time between the two and choose an option. It can happen this way: you choose an item, then turn your computer off and pay for the item later. It doesn't matter if you've put an item in the cart or not here.
  • Which extensions have you installed?
The best option would be you ordering with the only MegaBonus extension running. But in case you have some other extensions that were active at the moment of purchasing, please remember them.
You can easily find out more about your extensions like so:

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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