How do I fill out Cashback isn't displayed form?

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When do I have to take action and what to do?

Cash back is credited within 1 hour following the purchase. Normally, you can see your cash back for the purchase within several minutes following the purchase. In this case,  it has the “Awaiting confirmation” status and is displayed next to your order in the My cash back section.

There are cases though when several days are necessary for cash back to be displayed. It can happen on two occasions:

  • The term is determined by the store. In this case, you can read about the terms before cash back activation or check the store’s page for more information.  
  • There are some technical problems on the side of our partners. It happens very rarely and is connected with either a temporary technical failure or a big volume of orders during seasonal sales. 

You can learn the latest information on current delays from our pages on social media. We always add posts there to inform the users about all changes and possible delays. 

For your convenience, you can subscribe to our groups on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, or Facebook to stay tuned. 

In case there are no posts in the groups, more than one day passed after the purchase but cash back isn’t displayed, you have to fill in the missing cash back form. It will help us check the information and solve the problem. 

How do I avoid mistakes when sending a request on missing cash back?

This list of all possible situations is not full. We concentrated on the points the users face most frequently: 

– Cash back activation.

Please check cash back activation in the History of clicks section on Megabonus before filling in the form.

– The screenshot.

There are posts in the Help section of Megabonus website that teach to make screenshots on your mobile or PC. The posts also explain what details the screenshot should contain and where you can find these details. 

💡Please remember that the screenshot should contain all the necessary information. For the request to be successfully processed, the screenshot should have the order number, the order total, the quantity, and the price for each product on the order. 

– The total.

Please keep in mind that compensations are calculated the same way the store calculates cash back for the order. 

Carefully study the information on the order, extract the shipping expenses and discounts (in case there are any), then enter the sum you get at the first stage of filling in the form. 

– The number of items on the AliExpress order. 

Cash back on orders on Aliexpress is credited for each item separately. An item is a given product with selected parameters. An item can consist of several pieces. 

I.e. there are 4 T-shirts from the same store on your order: 2 are black, one is yellow and one is red. The 2 black ones will be the same item. The red and the yellow ones will be items 2 and 3. So finally you have 3 items on your order. 

Different items will look like shown at the top of the screenshot, one item – like shown at its bottom. 

– The link to the ordered product on AliExpress. 

To get cash back, you have to make sure the product is affiliated. That’s why we ask to add a link to the product.

Copy the link from the address bar of the product page. To find the product page, go to your orders’ list and press the link to the product on the corresponding order. 

In a mobile browser, you can do it using this button:

In the mobile app, you can copy the product URL pressing the following icon at the top right corner of the app:

– Payment receipts.

Some of our partner stores ask to attach payment receipts. In this case, the payment receipt (fiscal or electronic) should be attached to the corresponding field. 

In case the field is mandatory. 

How do I send a request on missing cash back?

How do I send a request on missing cash back from the mobile app? 

Go to the profile menu using the button at the bottom right corner of the app: 

Choose “Cash back isn't credited?” on the menu that opens and fill in the form.

How do I send a request on missing cash back from the website of Megabonus? 

To send a request, you have to open the contact form and choose the “Cash back isn’t displayed” option.

You can reach the form from the bottom menu of the website. The name of the menu item is “Ask a question”:

What happens next after I send a request on missing cash back?

The requests are processed within 1-7 days. The following scenarios are possible:

–   The order is listed on the system. In this case, you get your cash back to the full extent.

–   In case the order is missing on our system, we check the information and can accommodate the request sending a compensation from Megabonus own funds. We will also send the recommendations helping to prevent missing cash back cases. 

–   If the user frequently files missing cash back requests, we send recommendations helping to prevent missing cash back cases. You have to study them and find out what the problem is. We will assist you with it if necessary.  Contact us and ask for additional assistance if necessary using any of the contact details.

–   In case cash back was not activated before the purchase, the request is be declined. Please remember this point!

–   In case the missing cash back form has mistakes, the request is declined. We will specify the reason in the email we send to you after the request is declined. You can fill in and resubmit the form following the recommendations. Please contact us using any of the contact details in case you have any questions. 

–       In case cash back for the product cannot be credited, the request is declined. That’s why we ask you to check the cash back rules of the store before you submit the form.

We wish you the most economical shopping with Megabonus cash back!

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