Why haven't I received my payment?


  1. Where can I see the status of the payout, and what are the payout statuses?
  2. How long does it take to process a request?
  3. Where can I see the reason if the payout is declined?
  4. What to do if the payout is canceled?

Where can I see the status of the payout, and what are the payout statuses?

Firstly, you need to check the status of the current payout. You can do it in the "Payout History" section by going there from your personal account on the website. To do so, call the side menu by clicking in the upper left corner on:

In the application, you can open the desired menu through the button in the lower right corner:

A payout can have only 3 statuses: Pending, Declined and Paid.

  • The status “Paid” means that the payment has been successfully sent to the corresponding payment system. The term of accruing the funds to the personal account depends on the conditions of the chosen method.
⚠️Remember that it is impossible to forcibly cancel a payment if it has the status “Paid”. 
  • The status "Pending" means that the payment is being checked on our part and is awaiting sending to the payment system.
  • The status "Declined" means that the payment was unsuccessful, and the funds were returned to the user's balance in "Megabonus”.
  • How long does it take to process a request?

    We make sure that users receive their cash back as soon as possible. Usually, it takes about 15 minutes to process the payout.

    Kindly remember that the payment is also processed on the side of the selected payment system. It takes up to 24 hours for the most of e-wallet systems to process the transaction, and up to 6 days for a bank to accrue the funds to the card.

    If the payment has not been received within the specified term, you can contact the Customer Support Service to clarify the situation. We will do our best and resolve the issue.

    Where can I see the reason if the payout is declined?

    You can find out the reason for canceling the payout in a push notification or a letter sent to the mail.

    You can also check the information in your personal account. There 2 methods to do so: 

    •  By calling the push notification forcibly. Click 🔔  in the top right corner of the website. Notifications appear one by one, but you always can scroll to the required one.
    • In the “Payout history” section. Click the question mark to the right from the required payout.

    What to do if the payout is canceled?

    •      Incorrectly specified requisites.

    An error was made while filling in the payment details. Please change the details and confirm the changes via email.

    For example, for users from Russia, the wallet number starts with +7. For users from Kazakhstan – with +77.

    For YooMoney payment details, it is important to remember that the number of wallet starts with 41001. And for WebMoney requisites – that the wallet number is not identical to the WMID.

    When filling in the data on the bank card, pay attention to the format in which to do this.

    •      The transfer was rejected by the payment operator.

    This means that there are some restrictions on the side of the payment operator.

    For example, such issue may occur with bank cards issued in Palestine.

    •       Payment does not go through.

    This means that the payment details are correct, but the specified account cannot accept the payment. This happens either for a non-standard reason or because of short-term failures.

    You can repeat the withdrawal request at a later time, because the difficulties may be temporary.

    •        Technical issues on the side of the payment operator.

    Payouts are temporarily unavailable for the specified withdrawal method due to technical reasons. 

    Additional information is usually available in the information banner of the "My wallet" and "Payout history" sections, or – in the response of the Customer Support Service after you contact it.

    •        The wallet is not registered in the payment system. 

    The specified account number does not exist in the payment system, therefore the transfer cannot be made.

    For WMZ, we recommend making sure that you’ve entered the wallet number, and not the WMID.

    Kindly note: if the e-wallet has not been used for a long period of time, it may be closed by the service.

    •        You have blocked the possibility of receiving money transfers in the payment system.

    This means that the wallet settings do not allow accepting payments from all or some of the senders.

    Allow accepting money transfers in the e-wallet settings to receive payment to the specified requisites.

    •       The payout was declined by the issuing bank.

    The bank which issued the card, for some reason, blocks transfers. You need to contact their hotline to remove restrictions or use another method of withdrawal.

    This can happen, for example, if the card does not support YM MONEY transfers via the Card to Card service.

    •       The limits on the recipient's e-wallet have been exceeded.

    The limits on account replenishment were triggered on the recipient's e-wallet. Wait until the limits are reset or contact the service hotline.

    •           The mobile operator is not supported. We support these operators: MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tele2.

    Funds are sent on a permanent basis only to the numbers of the mentioned mobile operators.

    Payments to the numbers of Yota, SkyLink, Rostelecom, Tinkoff Mobile, Tattelecom, Smarts, Motiv, ETK, Sotel, Penza-GSM operators are made in test mode and may not always take place.

    If the payout is canceled for the specified reason, use a different withdrawal method or the phone number of the supported mobile operators.

    •     Funds can only be sent to registered and identified wallets.

    On September 20, 2019, a law came into force on the territory of the Russian Federation that payments can only be sent to registered and identified wallets.

    In such case, you can identify the wallet and request another payout. If you need to receive the funds promptly, choose another withdrawal method.

    • To specify the reason for payout declination, please contact the Customer Support Service.     

    To specify the reason for payout declination, please contact our Customer Support Service.

    We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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