Cashback declined

Once you make an order, your cashback goes through a few stages. If everything goes according to plan, your cashback is credited, confirmed and finally withdrawn.

First two stages depend on the correct cashback activation procedure (in other words it matters to comply with the tips and rules while making the order) and on our partners.

The third stage - withdrawal and you can request a payout via one of the supported methods once you reach a minimum withdrawal amount (those amounts can differ depending on the payout method).

How do I make sure my cashback is confirmed?

The following tips will help ensure you get your confirmed cashback in no time:

  • The order should not be declined
  • The payment for the order should not be declined
  • There should be no refund
  • The account in the shop should not be blocked

There are some other conditions for the stores that can differ a bit; you can always check with them on the store’s page in Megabonus by clicking here: 

We’d like to mention the special conditions of cashback accrual for the orders with opened disputes.

1) The dispute won by the customer. The customer got a partial refund.

The cashback is credited for the total amount of the order. For example, the order had cost $100; the seller refunded $30, the total amount left is $70. The cashback is credited for the $70 in our example.

2) The dispute won by the customer. The customer got a full refund.

In case you got a full refund the cashback is not credited for the order.

3) The dispute won by the seller.

In this case, the cashback for the order is not credited.

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