Mismatch of order numbers

Order numbers on Megabonus and order numbers on stores may differ. There are several variants.


  • If there is only one item in the AliExpress order then order numbers on AliExpress and Megabonus match.

  • If there are several items on the AliExpress order then each item gets its own number and cash back is credited for every item separately.

There is a certain pattern of changing the number. Let’s consider an example.

The order above consists of 3 items. Its number on AliExpress is 500000000098888.

Last 4 digits is the user ID on the system. If you make orders from the same AliExpress account then all the numbers end with the same digits. These digits don’t change.

The digits before the ending of the number are more important. Every following item number is greater then the previous. The original number of the order is order number on AliExpress.

Order number on AliExpress is 500000000098888. The fifth digit from the end is 9. If we add one we will get 10. So the number of the first item is 500000000108888, of the second - 500000000118888, and of the third - 500000000128888.  

Stores Aviasales, Delivery Club, Yves Rocher, iHerb and others have different order numbers.

You can track them by the date of the order and average cash back amount.

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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