Why my cash back is not credited?

There are some reasons why your cash back is not credited: 

1) You choose a product or a service in a store that does not support cash back for those particular items. 
2) Your order is in the cart before the activation. 
3) More than 6h pass from the moment of cash back activation. 
4) You order from different devices. For example, you added something to your cart using a smartphone and then bought it on a laptop. 
5) You follow an info, advertisement or an affiliate link of other services. 
6) You closed a page with the order before paying. 
7) Your device has ad-blocking software (or the software blocking the advertisement links). 
8) You have third-party extensions; you order in the application of the store and not in Megabonus (the exception is AliExpress). 
9) You lose Internet connection while ordering. 
10) Cashback in AliExpress is not credited if you use Nigeria or China IP proxy service. 
11) You use a root device. 
12) You place your order as a legal body (company, corporation, etc.). 
13) The store blocks your account (for example your eBay or AliExpress account is blocked by eBay or AliExpress). 
If none of these apply to you, please contact Megabonus customers support after filling  "Cash back isn't displayed" form. 
Please remember that each store has cash back rules and limits. You can always click "Learn more" near the store's name. 
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