Why my cash back is not credited?


  1. How long should I wait for cash back accrual?
  2. How to figure out why cash back wasn’t credited?

How long should I wait for cash back accrual?

It takes 1 hour in average for cash back to appear in the account. Most of the times – no more than several minutes. But it is important to remember that every store functions differently. For example, Aviasales may credit cash back with 24 hours delay, but it will be confirmed by this time. Usually such information is displayed in the store’s card. This is why you should always check store’s conditions.

Also, it is almost guaranteed that cash back can be credited with delay during massive sales. Stores and trade platforms experience high load during those periods.

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The maximum recommended waiting period is a day, if there is no other information.

📌 When all the allotted time has passed, check your personal account again – perhaps the notification about the accrual did not come or wasn’t noticed.

📌 Kindly note that sometimes order numbers may differ.

How to figure out why cash back wasn’t credited?

If more than a day has passed, check 3 things:

1. Check if a click was recorded in the "History of clicks" section on the specified date.

📍 You can find the instructions on how to open this section by following this link.

There are 2 options:

- The click was not recorded on the specified date. Try activating cashback to check the site's performance in real time. The subsequent positive response and click fixation indicate the correct operation of the system.

We can conclude that there was simply no cashback activation on the specified day. All that remains is to take steps to prevent such situations. We can suggest you to install the widget in the mobile application and the extension for the browser. They will remind you to activate  cash back. 

If there is still no click registered – contact us.

- There is a click on the specified date. We put a checkbox in our mind and move to the next check.

2. Make sure that the conditions of the store have been followed and cashback is credited for this product. 

Each store has its own terms, so always check them before activating cash back.

For example, in the “All Instruments” store, you can’t get cashback after checking out by clicking the “Quick Order” button, while on AliExpress there is a list of stores that do not accrue cash back for purchases.

You can look up the conditions after choosing a store – they are located to the right from the activation button, immediately below the categories:

3.Check whether you followed our Tips.

They are displayed in the store card right under the conditions section and open when you click on the “down arrow” sign. 

You can also read them in our article "How do I always get my cash back?". The tips are only advisory, but if you do not follow them, we cannot guarantee the accrual of cashback.

Conditionally, all suggestions can be divided into several blocks:

1. Before activation. Avoid interceptions and blocking of links. 

2. On activation. Activate cashback, and then add products to the cart.

3. On order checkout. Avoid disconnects or interrupts during activation – switching devices, long periods of time between each step, etc. 

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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