How to activate cash back in Megabonus?

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Look up the cash back accrual conditions before cash back activation. They divide into the common requirements and the specific ones. Detailed information is displayed in the article. It helps to avoid mistakes and do everything right.

You can activate cash back with any convenient method: in the personal account, in the mobile app, in the extension and on the store’s website.

How to activate cash back in personal account on the Megabonus website?

  1. Log into your account on and find the required store: in the “Popular stores” section, "All stores with cash back" section or in the search bar at the top of the website.
  2. Open the card of the required store. It allows looking up the store cash back categories and reviews.
  3. Click “Activate cash back”, when you are ready.

Make purchases within 2 hours after cash back activation.

⚠️Remember to check every AliExpress product for affiliation.

How to activate cash back in the mobile app?

  1. Open the Megabonus app, find a required store and click on its card.
  2. The window with the conditions of the store will appear. Look them up and tap the yellow “Activate cash back” button. 
  3. The website of the store will open after cash back activation, or the app in case of AliExpress.

    It is important to place orders on the website or in the app you were automatically redirected to. Otherwise, activation will terminate and cash back won’t be credited.

    Make a purchase within one session or activate cash back again.

How to activate cash back in the browser extension?

1. Open the extension by clicking on its icon. 

It can be red or grey and is displayed in the top right corner of the browser window.

2. Open the store website.

You can do it in the extension or in search engines.

If you open the extension on a new page, you will see the stores in which you have already made purchases. The “Popular stores” section is displayed below. It is made for convenience of navigation, so you can immediately select any of them. If there is no store that you need, you can just enter its name into the search.

3. Click the extension icon again and activate cash back in the appeared window.

If cash back is available in this tore, you will see the “Activate cash back” or “Activate via website” button. Both of them activate cash back, but in the first case our partners allowed to display their store in the extension, and in the second — they didn’t.

4. Follow the requirements of cash back accrual when placing your order.

How to always remember about cash back activation?

You will see the reminder on stores websites if you have the extension installed and enabled. You can activate cash back by clicking “Yes, I do”. Even if you went to the website from bookmarks or search results.

This window will open in all the stores, that allow cash back activation in the extension.

If you would like to activate cash back a bit later, or you don’t need it at the particular moment, click the correspondent buttons “Remind in 15 minutes” or “Not now”. They are located to the right from the acceptance button.

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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