How do I install Megabonus browser extension?

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Why install the extension?

There are several reasons to install the Megabonus extension:

  1. Higher cash back rate. By activating cash back through the extension, 2 levels are added to your current level in the loyalty program.
  2. The extension reminds about cash back activation. After installation, the extension will remind you about the opportunity to get cash back in the store. However, the notification appears only on those sites that allowed to be shown in the extension. In other cases, activation is possible only from your personal account or in the Megabonus mobile app.
  3. The extension makes it possible to immediately check price changes and add a product to the collection directly from its page. So you can put it off and buy it later.
  4. The extension will mark stores with cash back with a special sign in Google Chrome.
  5. Checking the seller on AliExpress.

    Choose a product, and we will check the information, give recommendations for purchase and offer an alternative.

How do I install the extension?

It can be installed from the extension store of the correspondent browser. We support 5 main ones:

You can also go to the download page from any Megabonus page. To do this, just scroll down a little:

How do I reinstall the extension?

If some data is displayed incorrectly, you can try reinstalling the extension. This means uninstalling and downloading it again.

1. Go to the extensions section. To do this, copy and paste the corresponding link into the address bar of your browser:

  • Opera opera://extensions/
  • Chrome  chrome://extensions/
  • Yandex browser  browser://extensions
  • Mozilla Firefox about:addons

In the Safari browser, you can open the section through the "Preferences". It can be found in the “Safari” menu on the top bar. In the window that appears, select the "Extensions" tab.

In the Microsoft Edge browser, press Alt + F and in the menu that opens, select Extensions - Manage Extensions.

2. Find "Megabonus" in the list and click the cross in the upper right corner. In the request window that appears, confirm your intention.

3. After successful uninstallation, you must install the extention again

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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