How do I change or restore my Megabonus account password?


  1. How do I change my password on the website?
  2. How do I change or restore my password through the app?

Before making any changes, make up a password of at least 8 characters - the system will not accept any other characters. It can contain numbers, Latin or Russian letters.

To be on the safe side, read the recommendations and change your password at least every few months.

How do I change my password on the website?

To change the account password, you need to:

1.   Log in to your personal account on the Megabonus website.

2.   Go to "Settings". You can find it on your own by clicking on the ⚙️ icon in two ways:

  • In the cash back service. Click on the three horizontal lines icon in the upper left corner. In the list that appears, select the required option "⚙️ Settings".
  • In any section. Click on the avatar icon in the top right corner and then on ⚙️ in the window that appears.

3. In the left column, just below the "Email" section, you can see a block for changing your password. In the first line you have to enter your current password, in the next two lines you have to enter a new password.

4. ПOnce you start entering the data, the "Save" and "Cancel" buttons will appear. Select the required action.

5. Confirm the password change in the email.

An email will be sent to the email address indicated in your profile. You can check the address on the same "Settings" page, in the "Email" block.

How do I change or restore my password through the app?

To change your password, open the app and follow the instructions:

1.        Click on the accounticon in the bottom right corner

2.       From the list that appears, select "Settings".

📌 In Smart Cart and Parcel apps this action will be available after pressing ⚙ in the top right corner. 

3.       In the "Personal information" block, find the item "Change password". Use the right arrow to make changes or click on the full line.

💡 If you registered through social networks, initially such an account only has a username. Therefore, the screen will show "Add" instead of "Change".

5.        Enter your new password. Here you need to act according to the situation:

        Adding.  After going to "Add password" two lines will appear on the screen: in the first line enter the password you have chosen, in the second line you will completely repeat it.

      Changing. After going to the section, you will see three fields on the screen. In the first one, enter the current password; in the second and the third, enter the new password.

6.       At the bottom of the screen the grey Change password/Add password button will change its colour to yellow. This means it is now clickable. Click on it.

7.       If you have done everything correctly, a notification will appear to send an email to confirm the changes. You should therefore go to your email box to complete the procedure. A request to do so is automatically generated and sent to the address indicated when registering with "Megabonus". Open the received letter and click on "Confirm".

📌 If a letter cannot be found, there may be several reasons for this.

We wish you profitable purchases with Megabonus cash back service!

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