What is cash back activation history?

This section keeps track of all cash back activations that happened on your profile.
On this page you can see exact time and name of the shop. The list is put in chronological order and the last indication about activation will be on the top of the list.

 How is it useful?

There are couple reasons why this section can be useful:
  • Keep track of clicks before purchase. You can see the time of cash back activation before
the purchase and keep the process in check.
  • Checking cash back activation before filling the form “Cash back isn’t credited”.
If cash back wasn’t credited first check History of clicks. Most important condition for cash back to be credited is transition from activation button to the shop. Now you can look up this information and save your time on filling the form

How do I find History of clicks page?

This section you can find in two steps:
1. In the top left corner you can see three horizontal stripes. By pressing it you’ll open a sidebar.
2. In the opened menu choose “History of clicks”. 

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